Modern Culture

I have created a collection of paintings and prints inspired by observations of modern culture.

Several works reflect the ubiquitous presence of advertising as companies adopt new technology to promote the culture of consumerism.

Others focus on those immersed in viewing art and artifacts. My feelings about this take on modern life are mixed. Because for most of my career I have visited museums, galleries, and studios, here in Britain and overseas.

Nowadays I am more interested in making art than viewing it. Looking at it is too distracting, and, it must be said, often infuriating.

Occasionally I exhibit my work. Prices are attached to it. Sales are another matter. Yet there is no getting away from the fact that art is now big business, and that makes for an unsettling feeling. Because I too am part of this culture machine, consuming people’s attention – its happening now if you are reading this. But I did not set out to make money from art. Maybe I should have done so. Instead I have been consumed by making it.

Nevertheless, I am fascinated by human interactions with art, and the reverence attached to it. So, all I can say an artist, is thank goodness for the human race.