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What Lies Within

I first published a website in 2000, initially using it to display examples of my art work. Later, I included other material, mostly on computing topics. In time, further articles were added which belonged in neither category. To complicate matters, I recently discovered that my pages did not sit happily on mobile devices. As a result, I have restructured this website in order to accommodate all devices, which should at the very least keep Google happy.

The content of this website is now divided into 2 parts.

The Art Part

Painter's palette

Palette, April 2015

  • My Work — Paintings, Drawings, Collages, Prints and Digital Art made since 1980.
  • Blog — Articles about my most recent work and topics relating to it.

The Other Part

Laptop Keys

Odds & Ends

Getting inTouch

Please contact me if there is anything you wish to discuss about my work, and do feel free to comment on my Blog pages.