Hello, and welcome to my website.
I have divided my work into two main sections.


Happy Hour
Happy Hour, oil on MDF. 122cm x 244 cm

This section is subdivided into several galleries which display examples of my paintings, drawings, collages and prints. These are categorised by both date and medium.

Odds & Ends

This section contains 3 subdivisions:

  1. Photography — Black-and-White, Colour and Digital Photographs, 1967 – present.
  2. Essays —  Currently featuring, Looking for a Ghost, Skulduggery in Covent Garden Market, a playful Alfred Hitchcock and a brawling Richard Harris, and A Short History of Ireland
  3. Computer Programming —  Notes, essays and exercises related to my teaching for The Open University (2000-2005)


Please contact me if there is anything you wish to discuss about my work.