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John McSweeney is a British artist whose work synthesises painting, print-making and digital photography. He explores social, political and historical themes using both figurative and abstract elements together with a strong sense of drawing and a bold use of colour. He has exhibited widely in the UK, and his work is collected both there and internationally.


Paintings, Drawings, Collages, Prints and Digital Photography

John McSweeney is a British artist who trained at Camberwell College of Art. His portfolios (see below) contain examples of his work from the past four decades. These include paintings, drawings, collages, prints and digital images. Information about sales of his limited edition prints can be found here. His figurative work can also be found for sale at Singulart.

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Black and White and Red All Over
Black and White and Red All Over, 2019, Oil on MDF, 137 cm x 122 cm

“Black and White and Red All Over is a recent painting that depicts events I witnessed in London during 2017, namely the media response to the Grenfell Tower fire on June 14, and R (Miller) v Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, which was decided by the UK Supreme Court on January 24.”

His CV can be viewed here.

He can be contacted here.

He currently works at Banbury Studios in Acton, London.

Work in progress, 17 October, 2019

Life etc


You can also find a portfolio of essays about art, life, and authoring crime fiction.

Odds & Ends

In the Odds & Ends section, you can find examples of photography together with a large archive of computer science articles from his time spent teaching for the Open University.