Pictures at an Exhibition
Pictures at an Exhibition, (diptych), 2018, Oil and transfer print on MDF, 120 cms x 240 cms x 7.5 cms

John McSweeney is a British Artist. He trained as a painter and print-maker at Camberwell College of Art in London. His work combines representations of the human figure with a high degree of abstraction in order to depict aspects of modern life.

John McSweeney, British Artist, painter, printmaker
John McSweeney 2017


The portfolios below contain examples of his work from the past four decades. These include paintings, drawings, fine art prints, collages, and digital art.

He describes his most recent painting, Pictures at an Exhibition, as:

“… like a Russian Matryoshka doll in that pictures are nested within pictures. It also portrays motion, which in turn depicts the passage of time.”

His CV can be viewed here.

Anyone wishing to buy or exhibit his work can contact him here.


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