December 4, 2022

Introduction to OO Software Development


The software development process employed by M206 is a mixture of CRC (Classes, Responsibilities and Collaborations), associations between classes and UML (Unified Modelling Language) notation. The course material covers this process in far greater detail and accuracy than I can ever hope to match. But having studied and taught the subject for a few years, I thought it was time to model the scenario that I have used in the Smalltalk section.
It is time to return the heart of Mayfair.

Cordelia Pleydell-Bouverie, owner of The Quad Gallery, has employed software developers, Macroconcepts, to develop an application for recording sales and monitoring stock. Senior analyst, Gordon Petrie, is drafted in to divine Cordelia's business requirements. Here are some extracts from their conversations.

"Rule number one," Cordelia explains, "artists may die, but if you have the work you still have them."
"So you represent the living and the dead?" he enquires.
"Put like that, yes."

"Do artists ever buy art?" he asks.
"Private exchanges of work mostly. If any money does change hands, I never see it! Oh, by the way, rule number two; never lose a buyer unless they die!"

"What kind of art do you show?" he enquires.
"Oh, the usual."
"The usual?" he probes.
"Paintings, prints, drawings. An occasional bronze."
Now Gordon likes to think of himself as cultured.
"Nothing cutting edge?" he continues.
"Oh God. You mean sharks and tents? Look Gordon, I run an art gallery not a circus!"
"Hmm. " Gordon reflects a moment before adding, "What about Bill Crynge?"
"Personally, I think the man's a few colours short of a full palette. Saatchi adores him though, which means lots of lovely lolly."
"But what kind of artist is he?"
"Crynge calls it 'spatial enhancement'. My architect calls it vandalism. I call it sculpture."

"By the way, I want everything to be 'user-friendly'. And," she adds, " I insist on everything being colour-coordinated. Nothing too Bridget Riley, there's a dear."
Gordon feigns interest.

After several meetings, Gordon arrives at a clear understanding of Quad's requirements. He drafts a NSR (Negotiated Statement of Requirements) for Cordelia to sign. In truth it takes several drafts before she signs it, but this is, after all, an iterative process.

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