August 11, 2022

Introduction to Dynamic Modelling - Use Cases


We now have to consider the behaviour of the Quad Gallery system. What tasks will it need to perform? Behaviour is not static, it is about doing something, hence the use of the term dynamic modelling. A use case is one piece of distinct behaviour that can be determined by analysis of the NSR. We use the NSR and the structural model to develop the use case.

There are four stages to every use case development.

  1. Identification and specification of the use case
  2. Communication with the user interface
  3. Walk-through and navigation of an association
  4. Drawing a sequence diagram and listing of any protocol responsibilities

A quick glance at the NSR will tell you that I am not going to describe all the use cases that arise from the Quad NSR (maybe another time). I wrote it in order to illustrate that any number of data requirements, and views of that data, would be needed to satisfy the needs of the business.

I will look at just one use case, List Works of Artist


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